Juju Hat - Natural

Juju Hat - Natural

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Our Juju hats are straight from Cameroon where they are traditionally used by the Bamileke tribe as an elaborate headdress during traditional ceremonies. A symbol of prosperity, in the design world they've become popular as unique wall decor adding eye-catching texture and a bold statement to interiors. Handmade by stitching feathers to a raffia support. Small loop on back for hanging. Inquire about other colours.

  • Colour: Natural (Off-white)

  • Material: Chicken Feathers, Raffia Base

  • Handmade in Cameroon

**Please note the picture shown is for illustration purposes and while yours will be very similar it will not be exactly the same. All Nomadic Citizen Juju hats are handmade meaning no two are exactly alike - it's what makes them unique. Due to the handmade nature all sizes are approximate.

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