Nomadic Citizen products come from villages with a rich heritage of crafting and handmade textiles. It can take us months to track down and begin a relationship with our artisan partners, but we think it's worth it to find the most empowering organizations and talented craftspeople who share the same values we do and whose lives we can really make a difference in. Nomadic Citizen currently works with two artisan co-operatives in two countries. 


In West India, bordering Pakistan, is the state of Gujarat. This is where you will find Kutch district - inhabited by various groups and communities and long known as a melting pot of tribes each with its own unique culture. Kutch is widely known for its textile art (weaving, embroidery, etc.) but after a devastating earthquake in 2001 many moved away seeking other sources of income. Nomadic Citizen works with a cooperative in Kutch that works to promote and strengthen the rich and diverse artisanal traditions of this district, the processes involved in their creation, and the preservation of culture, community, and environment. The artisans we collaborate with earn a fair + living wage and are encouraged to participate in skills development courses which strengthen their existing skills, allows them to develop new ones, and learn more about running a business. 

Detailed artisan bios coming soon.



Our bolga baskets are handwoven by a collective of women weavers in Bolgatanga (Northern Ghana). Many of the women weave the baskets in their home allowing them to also care for their families. Occasionally the weavers meet as a group to discuss orders and other issues that may arise. Each weaver is paid in full in advance. Earning a regular and consistent income allows the women to contribute financially to their household and provides a feeling of pride and empowerment.