Nomadic Citizen

Before You Buy


Before You Buy

All Nomadic Citizen products are handmade. This means that no two, even if made by the same artisan, are exactly alike. This is the beauty of handmade goods.

All sizes are approximate. Again, because everything is handmade, some piece may be a little bit smaller - or larger - than expected. It is never anything drastic but should be noted.

All items are either their natural colour or dyed - by hand - using natural dyes. This means there may be colour variation from piece to piece and inconsistencies in finished colour. 

With all of this in mind, please know that we do not sell any item that does not meet our quality standards for finish, size, or colour. We do our best to ensure all images on the site accurately reflect the finished product.

If you have any concerns please visit our FAQ page or contact us before completing your purchase and we'd be happy to answer any questions.