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Product Care


Caring for your bolga basket

Congratulations on the purchase of your new bolga basket!
Our bolga baskets are handwoven by a small women's group in Northern Ghana and, with the right care, will last for years to come. Below are some general instructions on how to best care for your new bolga baskets.

Most of our bolga baskets are flattened for shipping.

To easily reshape your bolga basket:

  1. Fill a sink or tub with cold water

  2. Submerge the basket in the water for about 1 minute - try not to wet the leather

    (OR using the shower head soak the misshaped area of the basket for about 20-30 seconds with cold water)

  3. Remove the bolga basket from the water and gently shake to rid excess water

  4. Set the basket down on a flat surface for 1-2 minutes allowing it to fully absorb the water - you do NOT want it to dry so 1-2 minutes is sufficient.
    (NOTE: If your basket is black it may bleed slightly when wet - we do NOT recommend setting it down on anything white or light coloured).

  5. With one hand inside the product and the other on the outside, firmly mold it into shape

  6. Weather permitting, place it in the sun to dry. Otherwise, place it where it will get good air circulation.

At any point if your bolga product becomes mishapen you can easily reshape it following the steps above.

It's recommended to wet and reshape your bolga basket annually to keep the elephant grass supple.

Leather handles can be protected and conditioned with commercial leather conditioners.


Your New Juju Hat

Congratulations on the purchase of your Juju Hat!

Our Juju Hats are handmade by a single artisan in Cameroon and shipped directly to us in Toronto where they are inspected for quality before being placed into our inventory. With the right care, your Juju Hat will continue to turn heads for years to come.

Below are some general instructions on how to hang and best care for your new Juju Hat.

Opening your Juju Hat:

  1. Each Juju Hat arrives in a closed position

  2. To open the Juju Hat carefully unwrap the long plastic cord encircling your Juju Hat. Do not cut this cord. Not only does it wrap around your Juju Hat to keep it closed (for transportation or storage purposes) but it also, essentially, holds the raffia base of the Juju Hat together.

Hanging your Juju Hat:

  1. On the back of the Juju Hat are two plastic loops. Holding one loop in each hand use your thumbs (or knee since you need to apply a bit of pressure!) to fully push the centre of the raffia backing forward. The Juju Hat will 'bloom' open

  2. Give the centre of the raffia backing an extra push to ensure the very centre portion of the Juju Hat - when viewed from the front - is nice and full

  3. Hang the Juju Hat on your wall using one of the loops on the back

  4. Tuck the long plastic string behind the hat so that it's hidden

  5. Stand back and admire your new Juju Hat

Caring for your Juju Hat:

  • Like anything that remains stationery, your Juju Hat can collect dust. Once or twice a year we recommend gently shaking out your Juju Hat outdoors.

  • Depending on the climate in your region, moths may be attracted to the feathers. In this case you can spray your Juju Hat seasonally with an anti-moth spray. Similarly, you can use a cedar block or bag of dried lavender in the back of the hat to repel any moths. We have not had any customers advise us of this issue and have our own Juju Hats adorning our walls for well over three years without issue.

  • You can also use essential oils to repel potential moths (bonus, they smell really good!) Recommended oils include: citronella, patchouli, lavender, or eucalyptus. Just place a few drops of your chose oil on a cloth and gently rub the feathers with it.

  • Similarly, you can place a few dried lavender flowers in a small pouch and attach it to the back of the juju hat base.