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U Shopper Basket Bag - Almost Black

U Shopper Basket Bag - Almost Black


Beautiful and functional, our durable U Shopper Basket Bag has multiple uses. Perfect for weekly trips to the grocery store, farmers market, beach, or simply a day out running errands. It takes 3 days to weave a single basket.

Handwoven by female artisans in Ghana

Material: 100% elephant grass + genuine leather wrapped handles
Dimensions: 9-10”H x 13”W approximate

Note on colour: Because or weavers do not have a true black dye, ‘Almost Black’ is our version of black. Depending on the dye batch our ‘Almost Black’ can appear as an extremely dark eggplant, navy, or charcoal colour. Or sometimes - almost black.

Additional Details: Each basket is handwoven and as a result will vary slightly. Ships flattened and can be easily reshaped.

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