Yen Pang Basket Weavers

Bolgatanga, Ghana


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Located in a small rural area outside of Bolgatanga in Northern Ghana. Women traditionally farm during the year however, many have learned the craft of basket making from their mothers and grandmothers and use this skill to supplement their regular income. Yen Peng Basket Weavers earn approximately three to four times the average income they would selling their baskets in the local market. Funds are set aside and invested into things that benefit the entire cooperative generating opportunities for the women.

Each weaver is paid in full in advance. Earning a regular and consistent income allows the women to contribute financially to their household and provides a feeling of pride and empowerment.


How We Found It

Finding the right factory isn't easy. To find the best one to produce our wallets, we started by asking a question: “What luxury brand currently has a great wallet that we love?” There was one brand that resonated internally for their quality of leather and craft. So we started our hunt to find the factory that produced them.

We Googled. We called friends. We poured through databases. Nobody spoke. After two months, we got a lead. A friend knew a pattern maker in a small town in Spain that created leather patterns for many of the top brands. So, we gave him a call. It turns out that this particular town is known for its beautiful leather goods, and a local named Pepe had been producing wallets for luxury brands for nearly a decade. After making the connection, we traveled to Ubrique and began the process of developing our wallets at one of the best leather factories in the world.


The craftsmen at our factory are experts in their field, so we turned to them to source the best Italian leather. For our wallet collection, we use both full-grain and smooth finishes.

About the Owner

The owner likes to stress the important role trust plays in the relationships between his factory and his clients. In his own words, the top priorities in his business relationships are “transparency and honesty.” Sounds like someone we know.

  Photo Credit: NGO Mondo

Photo Credit: NGO Mondo

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