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Something i want is sold out - when will it be available again?

All of our products are handmade in small batches and take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to arrive from our artisan partners. You can sign up to our newsletter to know when new shipments will be uploaded to the site and gain special advance access. All products listed in the Nomadic Citizen Market Finds are one of a kind and found on our trips abroad...meaning we may never find anything like it again. So if you see it and you love it you should definitely get it. If there's a piece that you especially loved that is no longer on the site please get in touch with us and we'll see what, if anything, we can do.


Will i get the exact item shown in the picture?

Unless noted it the product description, the item you receive will be like the one photographed but not the exact same one in the photo. All Nomadic Citizen goods are handmade meaning no two are exactly alike and there may be slight variation in pattern placement etc. We do our best to provide accurate product descriptions and photos, but note that due to differences in monitor settings, actual colour may vary slightly than how it appears on screen. If there is any uncertainty, please get in touch with us and we'd be happy to provide additional details.

other questions...




It is usually a long and arduous process to find the artisans we work with; there really is no least not for us! The process starts as most research begins - on Google! But we also do some digging on Instagram as well. This usually leads to a list of leads including (but not limited to) NGO's, charities, non-profits, artisan groups/cooperatives, individuals etc. We then try to learn as much as we can about each before selecting a few to reach out to. Then there's discussions, more learning, sharing of information/goals/visions until we finally decide to move forward (or not). The process involves a lot of patience and can take months from the initial discovery to deciding to collaborate.


why do you choose to work with small artisan groups?

Choosing to work with small groups was an intentional decision from the very beginning. We intentionally seek out and work directly with small artisan groups and traditional craftspeople because, due to their limited production size, they are often overlooked and as a result, we feel, they're in greater need of support. This is not without its challenges - it can be difficult to track down these groups as they're often in rural areas without the convenience of readily available and consistent communication (and therefore have no internet presence); communication can often be difficult and unreliable; larger orders (small in comparison to big brands) take longer. However, there are also the rewards: we feel we're really able to get to know and develop a relationship with the groups we work with, we feel we're able to better ensure fair wages are being paid to all of our artisans and that their working environment and conditions are safe (most of our artisans work from home). We realize that we are small and the groups we work with are equally small, but we believe this approach helps to contribute - in a small but real and tangible way - to a more prosperous, economical, sustainable future for the artisans we work with. Meet the artisans we work with here.


have you met the artisans/groups you collaborate with?

In Fall 2015 we undertook the long journey from Toronto to the Gujarat region of India to spend a few days getting to know the artisan partners we work with and seeing how products are created first hand. We have plans to return in Spring 2018. In October 2017 we will be traveling to Northern Ghana to meet and better get to know the wonderful women weavers who create our popular handwoven bolga baskets. While we've face-timed (the wonders of modern technology!) and communicate through What's App regularly (wi-fi connection permitting) - there's nothing to replace an in-person meeting.


i have a boutique and would love to carry nomadic citizen products - Do you wholesale?

We do offer wholesale on a few of our products.
We are very selective about the boutiques we align with and always look for shops with similar values and aesthetic as ours; shops that value independent, small-scale, local and global, handmade goods, and artisan goods. If you think your shop would be a good fit we'd love to hear from you.


what (or where) is next?

We have so many ideas of products we'd love to create with our artisan partners and new parts of the world and crafting techniques we'd like to explore.
But we're determined to do it right - which means slow and steady. The best way to keep informed of what we're up to is to subscribe to our newsletter.
That's where we get personal and share what we're thinking of and peeks of what we're working on.