Growing Pains


If you follow Nomadic Citizen on social media - Instagram - it'll come as no surprise that for the past several weeks I've been feeling a little uninspired. Running a small business on your own is tough. When things don't go exactly as you planned or expected, even though you inherently know not everything will, you get down on yourself. And sometimes, as a result, you become silent. 

The past several weeks I've taken a step back. I've still been fulfilling orders as they come in (of course!) but I haven't been actively promoting Nomadic Citizen as I should be nor looking at new ways to grow. Actually, to be honest, I've been doing everything but focusing on Nomadic Citizen. I know myself and when I start to get that feeling...I need to take a step back. So that's what I did. I need to give myself time to reevaluate - naturally and without pressure and deadlines - so that's what happened. And slowly, never feeling pressured, things started to fall back into place. New ideas began to take shape and old ideas began to resurface. I started to to jot notes down on my phone and in notebooks and, slowly but surely, I found my way

I suppose I'm lucky in the sense that I have a full-time job outside of Nomadic Citizen that sustains me and allows me to step back without fear of my finances going hay wire...but at the same time, that full-time job that allows me security also allows me to perhaps not push forward with Nomadic Citizen as hard as I know that I can...or should. 

This is all such a huge learning experience.

But, I guess, this post is to say that I'm back feeling re-inspired and reinvigorated. If running a small business, solo, was easy - I suppose everyone would be a small business owner!

I'm excited to bring new and existing ideas to fruition; to continue to work with our artisan partners and introduce new partners in a way that continues to be good for everyone; to introduce new products that I'm incredibly excited about and think that you will love handmade by talented artisans who are true masters of their craft. There's a lot you can look forward to including, perhaps, a small refresh/re-brand. Hey - Nomadic Citizen is only just over a year old - some changes and growing was bound to occur, right? 

As always, thank you so much for your continued support.