Nomadic Citizen




Writing the first post always comes with so much pressure but after wanting to start a journal/blog here on Nomadic Citizen for months now, I’ve decided to just do it.

While I think it may be interesting to share some behind-the-scenes of what goes on at Nomadic Citizen, I’m more excited to share voices that besides my own. I plan on sharing mini-interviews with some of the artisans I work with so that you get to know them, as people, better. I’m inspired by and come across so many other incredible small brands that I want to share their voices here too - what inspires them, how they’ve pursued their paths, the challenges they’ve faced and their successes - in the hopes of inspiring you to pursue your own dreams of entrepreneurship too (if that’s what you dream!). I love to travel and think so much can be learned and gained from doing so - and I plan on sharing first-hand mini-guides to interesting cities all around the globe as well as travel tips from fellow travel lovers in the hopes of inspiring you to explore and live a little more adventurously as well.

For the past few years I’ve tried to slow down and to be more intentional with my purchases, time, and actions. My personal motto is fewer better things and experiences and I hope that this journal inspires you along a similar path - to live more intentionally, to shop small, to take pleasure in the little things, to chase big dreams, to seek adventure, to relax.