Our Artisan Partners

We collaborate with family-run workshops, independently run cooperatives, artisan studios, and NGO supported artisan workshops. We take pride in the fact that our process truly is a collaborative effort between us and our artisan partners. We recognize that they are the masters of their craft and value their design input. However, while the foundation of many of our products and designs are traditional, we like to challenge our artisans to think outside of the box by introducing more modern patterns, shapes, colourways, or finishes. Along the way there are lots of "are you sure?" on both ends and sometimes what we envision can't be created exactly as we picture it - but we're always proud that the finished product is a true reflection of old meets new...a melding of two cultures. We are proud to work with six small artisan groups, families, and communities in three countries. Get to know them here. In Mexico we work with a family of rug weavers in Teotitlan de Valle, flying shuttle weavers in Mitla, backstrap weaversi in Pantelho, and a family of flying shuttle weavers in Zinacantan. In Guatemala, we work with wool pedal loom weavers in Momostenango and cotton pedal loom weavers near Lake Atitlan. In Uruguay we work with the largest women's cooperative. Our artisan partners are our close friends and collaborators, and they also happen to be our biggest source of inspiration.

How We Work

We work directly with artisans or by partnering with NGO's and studios that operate within artisan communities. The NGO's we work with XYZ. Created to XYZ. Value to community, training, benefits, education. By working through NGO's and studios, we are able to connect with artisans in remote and rural areas we might not otherwise be able to connect with due to communications, logistics, etc; ensure XYZ, support a great good of XYZ.

Where We Work

Bolgatanga, Ghana
Group Size: 23

Gulu, Uganda
Group Size: 11

Kashmir, India
Group Size: 8

Hampi, India
Group Size: 48