A New Look


Things are looking a bit different around here.

2018 started off with me taking a few weeks (months) to think of the direction I'd like to take Nomadic Citizen in. This resulted in me deciding to do a few things differently, going back to some original ideas I never implemented, and deciding to invest in Nomadic Citizen in ways I had wanted to but was afraid to. Investing equals money and as a small business it can be hard to decide where to best put that money. But, with little reservations, I decided to invest in Nomadic Citizen's branding since so much of where I want to take Nomadic will be influenced by this. I also decided to work in 'collections' which, in short, means that about 3 times a year you will see new focused collections of 9-12 products. They will be made in limited numbers and once they're gone - they're gone. Unless they are extremely popular and move into the PUKKA Collection - that is, the permanent collection - which will be comprised of the best-selling products from each collection. There might also be extremely limited one-off collections here and there.

I hope this makes sense?

With these changes, which are kinda major, I decided to take the plunge and refresh the site to better align with this new direction and new look. I am so happy with how everything has turned out and, of course, have a few people to thank because I could not have done this alone. I want to give a huge shout out to my graphic designer Kevin who took my jumble of ideas, vision, inspiration, and turned it into a beautiful and cohesive branding identity that fully embodies my vision for Nomadic Citizen in ways I couldn't articulate. He just got me. I actually have a post coming up all about the new visual identity because good branding is really about so much more than a pretty typeface and cool logo. I have to thank my family - especially my sister - who endlessly supports me and Nomadic even when they don't fully understand it. My friends who are always the first to give honest feedback and insist on paying full price - just like everyone else. And to my like who listens to me blabber on and on non-stop about the frustrations, challenges, successes, potential, and even the smallest of details without ever complaining and supports me always. And then, my love' Howard who never leaves my side (or lap) as I spend hours on the computer doing everything from research to answering emails to designing this site you're looking at. 

And of course, all of you who have continuously supported Nomadic Citizen since the beginning - believing in the vision and investing in handmade goods from faraway places when you could so easily go to a big box store. Supporting artisans in ways that make a difference. Being patient with me when orders have taken a little longer than expected (don't worry - that's figured out now!). Please don't think I take your support for granted for one second.

So, what do you think of the new look and direction?