The Dawn Collection

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It's almost here. The Dawn Collection.

When I was coming up with the name for this collection I wanted something to represent a new beginning - a fresh start. As soon as I landed on Dawn, it felt right. And, coincidentally, I then noticed that some of the designs I had been working on for the collection mimicked the sun. Dawn was perfect.

The Dawn Collection contains 11 products created by three artisan groups in India. It represents the first time Nomadic Citizen has explored embroidery techniques, metalwork, and weaving with banana fibers. 

In Pune, we collaborated with a group of metalsmiths who use traditional techniques of hand hammering pieces for a one-of-a-kind finish. 

In Gujarat, we collaborated with a cooperative of 80 women to create our first foray into pillows focusing on embroidery techniques. India, and Gujarat in specific, is well-known for its history of embroidery and I can't wait to explore this further in future collections.

And finally, in Karnataka we collaborated with a cooperative of 60 women who use banana fibers, the outer 'shell' of the banana plant, to weave a variety of products. A sustainable material, there are so many possibilities with banana fiber.

The Dawn Collection launches on October 9.