There's a saying that good things take time.

In the case of creating a proper visual brand identity for Nomadic Citizen this proved very true. I've re-written this post dozens of time because there's so much I can share, so much I've learned, and this has been such a long process but the bottom line is this:

I was in desperate need and want of branding. I had several ideas that, for the most part, fell into two distinct looks and feels - story of my life. I've always felt Nomadic Citizen is a bit of an oxymoron but that's an entry for another day. I don't care what anyone says, unless you have a sweet hook-up, getting your branding done properly is expensive. I didn't have a huge budget. My eyes and wants were definitely much bigger than my wallet. I had a few false starts that didn't quite work out - they didn't feel right. And then I went to eat at a beautiful local restaurant. Their food was delicious, their interior perfectly Instagram worthy, and their branding made me weak in the knees. I was certain that I wouldn't be able to locate the designer and even if I could, I was even more certain I wouldn't be able to afford him/her. I inquired with the waiter. Before dinner was over they had connected me with the designer. I emailed him. We chatted. We met in-person. We clicked.

He didn't laugh when I told him my budget; I almost cried when he sent me his rates (actually very competitive and worth every penny but oh so much more than my measly budget). He, Kevin, believed in Nomadic Citizen. He took on my project when he didn't have to. He took all my random thoughts and different wants and made sense of it all. It was fucking magical.

He created the branding suite of my dreams. This is the result.

Kevin, thank you so much.