Behind the Collection: Bolga I Collection

Deceptively simple, the Bolga I Collection is the epitome of style meets function.

Minimal lines. Simple colours. Multi-functional. The Bolga I Collection was designed and created to meet your everyday storage needs in a chic and unobtrusive way. We brought back the popular U-Shopper and Market Basket style (both also perfect for trips to the market, beach, or park) and added a low Drum Basket and a Tall Basket that doubles as a laundry hamper. While  natural and black might not be the most exciting colours, they're the colours were asked the most about when it comes to our bolga baskets proving they're anything but basic. So, we stuck with those shades and added two new colour ways - what we called Mixed (alternating rows of black and natural) and Duo Tone - primarily black with a natural accent. We think it looks pretty chic.

Each piece in the collection takes one weaver approximately 1-2 days to create (the Tall Basket takes closer to 4 days) and once the entire order is ready it's transported from their small rural village to the big city where it's packaged and shipped to Toronto. Each piece is then quality checked before being added to our inventory or sent to our stockists across Canada.

We are thrilled with the results because while at first glance it appears simple - simple is notoriously difficult to get just right. And we think we've got it just right.

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