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we are an ethically produced brand born out of a love for travel, indigenous cultures, textiles, handmade goods, and doing good.

Built on fair trade principles, we seek out and collaborate with talented artisans in faraway and hard to reach places to create small curated collections of beautiful, handmade textiles and accessories for you and your home. Created using traditional techniques, our products reflect the culture they come from, empower the artisans who make them, and preserve the techniques they're made of. With a strong belief that we should surround ourselves with items of meaning, quality, and reflective of our journey (both realized and unrealized), Nomadic Citizen provides a unique alternative for those who are filled with wanderlust an appreciation of culturally diverse and sustainably made goods. Our products honour the culture and traditions they're made in while embracing a modern aesthetic. 

We invite you to wander through our products immerse yourself in their stories, and make them a part of your own.

We take pride in the fact that our process truly is a collaborative effort between us and our artisan partners. We recognize that they are the masters of their craft and value their design input. However, while the foundation of many of our products and designs are traditional, we like to challenge our artisans to think outside of the box by introducing more modern patterns, shapes, colourways, or finishes. Along the way there are lots of "are you sure?" on both ends and sometimes what we envision can't be created exactly as we picture it - but we're always proud that the finished product is a true reflection of old meets new...a melding of two cultures.

Our Process

our artisans

We are proud to work with six small artisan groups, families, and communities in three countries. Get to know them here.

You'll often hear us refer to and describe ourselves as an oxymoron. To be honest, it is a term (concept?) that helps to guide the decisions we make - from our branding and packaging, to our designs and products. When we envision a nomad (or someone who is nomadic), we picture someone constantly exploring faraway lands, not rooted to anyone place. However, we see a citizen as someone with a strong self of belonging - firmly rooted to one place. We liked the image of these two opposing ideas melding into one, these characteristics living within one person (as they can!), and so Nomadic Citizen made sense.

Our Name

our founder

Born and raised in Toronto, Kisha grew up with a sincere interest in different cultures and an intense case of wanderlust. After receiving her post secondary education in Public Relations, and spending a few years working in the entertainment industry, in 2011 Kisha decided to shift gears and do something she'd always dreamed of doing. Fuelled by a desire to explore and do something meaningful, Kisha headed to New Delhi, India to volunteer for 10 months. It was there a love of handmade textiles and traditional crafting techniques blossomed. With the desire to do work that made a difference combined with passions and interests old and new, the idea for what would become Nomadic Citizen began to slowly take shape and was finally launched in 2016.

Kisha currently lives in her hometown of Toronto and considers herself an imperfect perfectionist and fearful dream chaser kept sane by an 8lb bichon frise/toy poodle named Howard. An indulger of bad reality TV with a perpetual craving for noodles, she continues to work in Communications by day but remains textile-obsessed, and day dreaming of faraway places, at all other times.

our photography

An image appearing on the Home page and Contact page, used with permission, are by the immensely talented photographer Gemma Cagnacci. Unlesss otherwise noted, all product photos were shot in-house by Kisha.