Juju Hat - Wild Mix 03

Juju Hat - Wild Mix 03

from 112.50

Small: 12” | $225
Standard: 19” | $295
Large: 30” | $425

The ultimate wall decor, our Juju Hats add eye-catching texture and a bold statement to interiors. Handmade using techniques passed down from generations, juju hats are a symbol of prosperity traditionally worn as an elaborate headdress by the Bamileke tribe during traditional ceremonies. Unlike other juju hats ours are lush and full.

Handmade in Cameroon

Colour: Lots of Natural (Off-White) with shades of Brown and Black throughout
Material: Chicken Feathers | Raffia Base

Additional Details: Due to the handmade nature all sizes are approximate. Small loop on back for hanging.

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