Vaida Storage Basket -3 DESIGNS AVAILABLE

Vaida Storage Basket -3 DESIGNS AVAILABLE

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Small: $58
Medium: $72
Large: $90

These stunning storage baskets can be used for everything from organizing odds and ends to multi-tasking as beautiful plant pots. Too pretty to be hidden away.

Handwoven by female artisans in Ghana

Material: 100% elephant grass
- Available in three sizes (dimensions below are in inches and approximate) 
S: 10 x 12 M: 11 x 14 L: 11 x 16 (diameter x height)

Note on colour: Because or weavers do not have a true black dye, we refer to the black pictured as “almost black” - our version of a true black. Depending on the dye batch our “almost black” can appear as an extremely dark eggplant, navy, or charcoal colour. Or sometimes - almost black.

Additional Details: Each basket is hand woven and as a result will vary slightly. If used as a plant pot a liner will be needed as these baskets do not have drainage. Not recommended for use with wet clothes as the “almost black” colour may bleed slightly when wet.

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