Caring for your bolga prodcut

Congratulations on the purchase of your new bolga product! Our bolga products are handwoven by a small women's group in Northern Ghana and, with the right care, will last for years to come. Below are some general instructions on how to best care for your new bolga product.

The following bolga products are flattened for shipping:

  • Bolga Market Basket

To easily reshape your bolga product:

  1. Fill a sink or tub with cold water
  2. Submerge the basket in the water for 2-3 minutes - try not to wet the leather
  3. Remove the bolga product from the water and, with one hand inside the product and the other on the outside, firmly mold it into shape
  4. Weather permitting, place it in the sun to dry. Otherwise, place it where it will get good air circulation.

At any point if your bolga product becomes mishapen you can easily reshape it following the steps above.

It's recommended to wet and reshape your bolga basket annual to keep the elephant grass supple.

Leather handles can be protected and conditioned with commercial leather conditioners.